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Classic to Modern

Build or Upgrade

Are you looking for the best ways to update your home and make it look trendier? Or maybe you’re getting ready to build a new home and want to make sure it meets your stylistic preferences. No matter what your situation is, here are a few of the most popular home design trends that will make your living space look modern and fashionable.

Popular Home Design Trends

Let Natural Light In

Adding more windows to your house is a popular trend that can make your home more welcoming. Natural light is a mood-lifter, so let as much of it in as possible. In addition to adding more windows to your home, it’s also trendy to make them bigger. If you’re worried about losing energy through the glass, rest assured that most new windows are now insulated double-pane and triple-pane construction and very energy-efficient.

Embrace the Open Floor Plan

Gone are the days when the rooms in your home were intentionally sectioned off for privacy. Open floor plans are all the rave in modern home design. Most floor plans can be made more open by simply removing the wall that separates the kitchen from the family room. You can use free kitchen design software online to design a more open floor plan and see what it will look like before you begin construction.

Incorporate Smart Home Technology

If you’re looking for home design ideas that are highly functional, you’ll love the smart home technology trend. New homes are trading out standard appliances for “smart” versions that can be easily controlled with your smartphone or tablet. Everything from heating systems to refrigerators can now be monitored from your smart phone. You can even program your coffee maker to have your morning brew ready when you wake up.

Natural Lighting
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Natural lighting looks modern and saves limited natural resources.

open floor plan
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An open floor plan is roomier and a valuable asset to a home's design.

Smart Technology
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Smart technology includes efficient appliances and allows more control.

What about the ceiling?

One of the more popular modern home design trends is to add decorative treatments to ceilings. Coffered or tray ceilings are especially desirable and can easily add character to any room. Just make sure your ceilings are high enough to support this trend (at least nine feet tall). Implementing any of these popular modern home design trends will ensure your home is stylish and attractive.